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Standard PVC Strip Curtain

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1. Brief Introduction
features: Common type door curtains have good transparency.They effectively stop the loss of cold air or warm air and prevent the invasion of dust and ultraviolet. As a result, they significantly save power consumption of air conditioning systems.They also reduce the dB value of noise, constrain noise from spreading and reduce niose pollution.When used as partition screen,they create multifunctional compartments(operati- ng fields,offices and restrooms)without taking up any space,ensuring the most effective utilization of limited space and improving the comfort in the operation spaces and productivity.
2. Color:
we can make any colors depending on customer’s need. The most common color is standard clear, blue, red, yellow, orange, dark green. Etc.
3,Type:We has three styles of PVC strip curtain, Smooth, Single Ribbed and Double Ribbed. The door curtain used is dependent on the applications.  Double ribbed PVC strips are available offering improved durability enabling them to withstand repeated impact from heavy traffic such as forklift trucks.

4. Packages
Usually we packed the goods with plastic bags after rolled together by 50m, and then packed to the pallets to meet transport facility. We also can design carton boxes and Non-fumigation boxes for special need in order to avoid damage through transport.
5. Applications
Polar grade PVC strip curtains are an option for Cold storage, Refrigerated doorways, Deli-Counters, Chiller Cabinets, Cold rooms and most retail refrigeration situations. Usually 50% overlap, fixed stainless steel rail & hook on strips – either 200 x 2mm or 300 x 3mm.